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Artisan Roast Broughton St Edinburgh

I was trotting round putting out leaflets for the upcoming Artist’s Way course I’m running and had to take a photo! Blocked people tend to buy lots of books about being creative, ask questions of authors in Q&A sessions about their ‘writing routine’ and visit places where authors supposedly wrote. We trip over them all the time. But this is a kind of casting about for the magic to fall to the uninitiated. It doesn’t work! I’ve sat many a time in a cafĂ© NOT on the tourist map where JK wrote and I don’t have a best selling series of children’s books. Of course that may be something to do with never having written a children’s book…. I’ve created in different mediums but the essential truth is more prosaic in order to be an x you have to do x. If you want to be a potter you have to pot. If you want to be a dancer you have to dance. Yep its as simple as that. The Artist’s Way is a series of seemingly simple tools that helps get you from Place A to Place B and to stop putting in the barriers.