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Viking Festival in Leith! Not sure why but the kids were having a great time. Making Viking swords and shields out or cardboard, trying out the Pesteraunt (edible bugs!) and having interactive Viking stories. The brids of prey are working birds used by Rentokil to keep down pidgeons and gulls.I found out about it from my friend who says she uses the Edinburgh Reporter’s daily email to keep up to date on what is happening in the city.

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Leith has the most comfortable bus stops in Edinburgh!  I went to have my hair cut at the Hair House on Junction St. I started going there on the recommendation of my friend Fiona. They are a really local place. On the way back I noticed a pet shop had opened and wandered in. Now I have to give the fat black cat thyroid pills I’m on the look out for things to hide them in. However it seemed to totally unstaffed apart from this black and white cat lording it in the window. He/she wasn’t that friendly! but seemed to like having a view of the life of the bus stop outside. Finally a new piece of street art noticed on Friday walking up  to the Punjab Ladies Cafe aka Punjabi Junction.


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