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So trying to visit the Musee de Picasso was a disaster after walking round and around (the signage was terrible) we finally arrived and were stopped at the gates due to private event… thus exhausted I departed from my parents and wandered aimlessly in the Marais. I was asked by some Chinese touristfs for directions to the Picasso but they didn’t belive me when I said they wouldn’t get in and still trotted off towards it. Finally desperate for the loo I went and paid my 8 euros to go to the Jewish Museum of History and Art as I was desperate for the loo. Thankfully the loo was lovely, the exhibition really interesting and wonderful frescos in the cafe. I’m sorry I failed to take pictures of the outside. Why I don’t know as it was a beautiful 17th century building.

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So we went in search of the Musee Picasso (after stomping off in a huff from the Pompideu not impressed) but it was really badly signposted so we walked round and round the Marais… finally arriving to be stopped at the door because there was a private event on. So bugger Picasso we didn’t bother going back.

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Walked along Rue Bonapart fascinated by door knockers ! then ambled right and found this tiny park and statue and round the corner… 1950’s carved roundels on a building I think part of the university.

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The Musee de Cluny in Paris is a museum devoted to medieval art and houses the astounding Lady and Unicorn tapestries. Which really are worth seeing in the yarn – where they are mysterious and with such delightful detail. Rabbits, monkeys, parrot? and the flowers all I’m sure could be botanically identified. I also delighted in finding many representations of sheep and a lady spinning with a cat helper.