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Last formal meeting with my travel writing students. So my colleague and I went to Lovecrumbs to celebrate.Students followed about 5 mins later to celebrate finishing their travel guide to Edinburgh. Lovecrumbs is on the ‘must cove’r list.

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As part of my work went on a tour of east end of Princes St. Waiting For Mr Hyde graffiti is actually on North Bridge which we detoured to – to see the site of Old Calton Jail  (I didn’t take photos the wall is too high for me to see over easily!)

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On Monday I went up to Stonehaven to the HEATED outdoor sea pool pool.  A bit of an epic trip from Edinburgh – two hour train journey. However through throughly beautiful countryside in great company. We promptly nabbed a table and took out our needles and had a wonderful time putting the world to rights! These photos are actually from a trip I took there back in June but somehow have not had the time to post. The pool on Monday was a balmy 29 degrees – at points steam was rising from it. I highly recommend getting the hot choc after. unfortunately we went on its last day this season you now have to wait until May to sample its delights.


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