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I ended up taking a trip by boat on the Friday before my last visit to The Globe Theatre (highlight yarnbombed bicycle!). By this point I had already been to the walk in clinic in Soho and on seeing my foot  – drugs  were handed over. And I was told to rest. I had to go into town to meet my friend for the evening performance but what to do while I waited. I had a vague idea of going to the Tate Modern cafe and sitting there like Madam Defarge on her hols. Then I noticed the pier at Bankside and found a tour to the Thames Flood Barrier so for £10.33 I sat on the upper deck foot up on the seat in front of me. Braving the slightly inclement weather. I have to say the advantage of such weather is much better skies! It was beautiful to see Greenwich from the river. The last picture is of Almshouses in front of that rather extraordinary industrial building.

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So with the help of my insider London friend I negotiated the underground and interchanged at West Ham to get to London Bridge. I hirpled around Borough Market and got lunch. Delicious greek goat! and gluten free cakes, before parking myself on a bench overlooking the river.

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Every time I visit I have to go to Liberty’s. I go to get Prestat chocs for my brother and  sister in law as I’m often on my way to Cambridge to see them. The dark choc mint thins are highly prized and the charming boxes get made into kids craft projects! The fab ice cream is from Gelupo in Soho. I met a friend for a Thai meal just of Carnaby St just after my Liberty visit and she took me through a warren of streets to get this delicious ice cream. BTW good choice of sorbets for the vegan minded.

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If you go to Shandwick Place in Edinburgh and pop into Santander on the corner of Queensferry St you will see these murals. Hard to tell the date proably prewar? Celebrating industry of Scotland. Love the black cat. They are on the ceiling so pics are sometimes a bit wobbly. The staff had no idea who painted them but they look quite fine work. They are mentioned in records but no pictures here.

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FOR MOST PEOPLE – great graffiti at Seafield . But now obscured by later graffiti. Holgas not very clear. Uppermost in my mind after #lebusstopflop  – after doing a bit of research into our local bus stops it turned out they are not put up by our local council (cough Edinburgh) but by advertisers. Their only existence comes as a place to place advertising. Edinburgh City has changed the contractor to JC Deceaux a French company with no idea of the climatic conditions of this place and have provided us with bus shelters with only two walls and tinted roof (TO KEEP THE SUN OFF !! HA! not seen the sun in months). As we have been essentially sold to a company we as citizens have no redress. And strangely enough in our main street Princes St where the company obviously thinks it can sell more advertising those shelters have a dizzying 3 walls.In the outlying areas less advertising revenue NADA! I got interviewed about it here in our local paper.

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I can never pass up a chance to visit Liberty’s when I visit London. And last time I went they had window displays focussed on Haberdashery. Also quilts on display hence the close up. They always have lovely displays in the shop.


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