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Despite our gentle schedule we made time on our last day to record an episode of Mountain Shores podcast  – coming soon! And as all our presentations bar one with a technical hitch were recorded a mini site is going to be set up where they can be accessed. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meanwhile can we encourage more of these kinds of events? Lets get out from behind our screens and do meet ups in real life. This one was a bit ambitious having people from 4 different countries but why not?

Here plan your own at Gladstones Library!






Pictures of new cafe in Edinburgh Lovecrumbs

Dear Readers

I would like to hibernate. I’m waking up in the dark dragging myself out to work in the dim light for ONLY 4 HOURS and I can barely make it. I staggered out this afternoon, forced myself to the post office to post out parcels. Came home and have barely managed to open a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer, make dinner and flit about the internets. I think I’d like to take 2-3 months off every year – starting mid Nov to end of February. I’d do a lot of craft, read library books, perhaps even study, but otherwise live SLOW. No rush no deadlines. I can remember reading online or in a book how medieval peasants dozed away the winter months in the dark, worked fewer hours than we did and did an interesting two stage sleep system.

Medival work hours

Medival Sleep

The blanket on the left is crocheted grannie square blanket I made for knit-a-square a charity which is trying to get blankets and clothing to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa. It hasn’t quite made it into a parcel yet! The one on the right is a blanket I knitted some years ago for myself. It was a way of providing self comfort during a terrible dark period of depression for me while I was ill with ME/CFS. I found that playing with the colours very soothing. I was able to still my mind into thinking about ‘getting to the end of the row’ and chosing another shade and it gave some relief in a ghastly period. I was inspired by a photo I saw on Kaffe Fassett’s blog of a stripey throw. Sadly while I was under the weather I threw it into the machine at too high a temperature and being wool it felted!

November is also Wovember a campaign to promote the use of wool. Its more environmentally friendly. recyclable and generally feels a lot lovelier to handle than acrylic when crocheting or knitting.


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