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This is the building opp to the Cafe Royal if you are puzzling about where it is. It’s on the buildings at risk register.   More info here at the Cockburn Associations’ Facebook page. The most important thing to note is that it looks likely that this building’s demolition will be rubber stamped without going to full planning committee as not enough objections have been lodged. You can email tonight as long has he gets the email before Monday raising objections to this building’s demolition.  To quote the Cockburn Association ‘We are concerned with the potential loss of the Category B listed building, dating from the 1850’s, to the corner of West Register Street and Register Place. This represents a good quality building within the conservation area and World Heritage Site with characteristic Craigleith sandstone finish and it should be retained.’

**UPDATE** got an email back from Euan McMeeken who said the planned demolition will go to the Planning Committee probably in October. If you are local please follow Cockburn Association either on facebook or twitter to get updates and be prepared to write or even go to the meeting. As this poor building is surrounded by commercial properties there is not a local constituency of people living near it to leap to its defence so Edinburgers please keep an eye on it!


Thank goodness the Venetian style warehouse beside it appears to being kept by the developers. I dashed past yesterday taking photos of the utterly charming and exquisite details on the building.

july15 014 july15 002 july15 003 july15 004 july15 005 july15 006 july15 007 july15 008 july15 009 july15 010 july15 011 july15 012 july15 013

april2015 383 april2015 363 april2015 361 april2015 362 april2015 366 april2015 364 april2015 365 april2015 369 april2015 368 april2015 379 april2015 371 april2015 373 april2015 374 april2015 375 april2015 376 april2015 377 april2015 378A few months ago my friend Michael Nobbs sent me an invitation inviting me to a (un)productivity Summit at Gladstone Library. It was an immediate YES! Perhaps because I’ve always wanted to live in a library. And this is a most unusual library. Housing 40000 volumes collected by British Prime Minister Gladstone and built after his death WITH rooms to stay in! It was the most delightful visit. The place itself is comfortable and comforting. The library is so full of the learning of generations of students it feels easy to sit and read and learn. Yes BOOKS!! not internet articles. There were only  five of us on the summit. Another delight unlike most conventions which contain multitudes after the initial minute anxiety the smallness of our numbers made it so easy and delightful to communicate in a really deep way about our struggles and finds when it comes to grappling with being productive and not being productive. Also we had a delightfully light programme. Presentations in the morning followed by general lolling about in the afternoon. Including walking through stunning woods (pictures to follow). As one of our participants Lourenço de Azevedo gave us sessions of Chi Kung every morning after breakfast we were able to stand in nature enjoying the birdsong. Also participating were Fabian Kruse The Friendly Anarchist and Milo Mclaughlin of Clearminded Creative 

Despite our gentle schedule we made time on our last day to record an episode of Mountain Shores podcast  – coming soon! And as all our presentations bar one with a technical hitch were recorded a mini site is going to be set up where they can be accessed. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meanwhile can we encourage more of these kinds of events? Lets get out from behind our screens and do meet ups in real life. This one was a bit ambitious having people from 4 different countries but why not?

Here plan your own at Gladstones Library!






Pictures of new cafe in Edinburgh Lovecrumbs

Dear Readers

I would like to hibernate. I’m waking up in the dark dragging myself out to work in the dim light for ONLY 4 HOURS and I can barely make it. I staggered out this afternoon, forced myself to the post office to post out parcels. Came home and have barely managed to open a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer, make dinner and flit about the internets. I think I’d like to take 2-3 months off every year – starting mid Nov to end of February. I’d do a lot of craft, read library books, perhaps even study, but otherwise live SLOW. No rush no deadlines. I can remember reading online or in a book how medieval peasants dozed away the winter months in the dark, worked fewer hours than we did and did an interesting two stage sleep system.

Medival work hours

Medival Sleep


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