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Posting has been light recently despite being off work from last Friday. I was in full DIY mode when I stopped. Painting spare bedroom. Preparing for guest from Brooklyn. Then on Monday went to my craft group where a lovely lovely person brought a bucket of flowers she had cut from her garden and distributed amongst us lucky people. I put mine in the spare room to welcome guest. In the meanwhile I’ve been going to the festival – mainly Summerhall and last night to the Harmonium Project. Catching up with people by sitting out on Leith Walk (in the SUN!). I went to the farmers market this morning. On the bus I realised how lovely it was to feel unhurried. I normally feel I’m packing in quite a lot on a Saturday. As it happens I am going to a show at 5pm but there still feels like enough time for a leisurely lunch from my farmers market haul and time to get on with some dyeing experiments with yarn. Oh may this feeling last!


holga Princes St Gardens

This is a bit of a cheat that must have been taken in May when the rhododendrons were out in full bloom. But dear readers I had dinner out on Leith Walk without wearing a coat!  followed by a lovely amble up the Walk and then downed some gin at a photography exhibition opening. It was quite unprecedented!

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I got some holgas ¬†processed a few months back. They were kindly scanned by a friend. I marvel how something which is so hit and miss has more charm than the flat digital picture. I’m afraid that the digital image though marvellous for aide memoire and for its instantaneousness lacks something slightly mysterious which comes with the crash of light, chemical and random chance of the film image. Last weekend I was talking to an incredibly prolific musician who maintained that the mistakes from improvisation and live music made the most polished ‘perfected’ piece of music seem dead. And I am in turn agreeing – there is something ‘dead’ about the digital image. It’s no mistake that so much post production is done on images by photographers nowadays. I’m not saying that images weren’t enhanced in the dark room but it seems to me that much more needs to be done to ‘improve’ a digital image than an analogue one. Besides…. there is no viewing screen.. you don’t know what you get until it comes back from the lab… its like Christmas.


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