Ah.. this the season of sniffles and odd lurgies. Got what I thought was an allergic reaction to a piece of cake last week. Dosed myself up with anti histamine but its developed into earache, cough, and hoarse voice. Ironically I was at the cafe to take myself into hand. Make a plan – be more productive! Woman makes plans universe laughs. Since then I’ve been mostly crocheting endless Plain Jane squares but do admire these two blankets the majority of squares made by Granny Greens Craft Group which are speeding their way to South Africa. Ah well will go and hunt for something diverting on the iplayer.


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So a quick trip south. Watched fireworks over London on the 5th of November from Parliament Hill (and recently had an interesting facebuik convo trying to explain why we go mad for fireworks at this time of year with someone in Israel), Then to Cambridge two more firework displays, one in my brother’s garden with a fire and marshmallow toasting, Enforced crocheted of bunny outfits. At least they are now kitted out for winter. Then home to post off two more blankets for Knit-a-Square with squares made by Granny Greens.

july15 055

Posting has been light recently despite being off work from last Friday. I was in full DIY mode when I stopped. Painting spare bedroom. Preparing for guest from Brooklyn. Then on Monday went to my craft group where a lovely lovely person brought a bucket of flowers she had cut from her garden and distributed amongst us lucky people. I put mine in the spare room to welcome guest. In the meanwhile I’ve been going to the festival – mainly Summerhall and last night to the Harmonium Project. Catching up with people by sitting out on Leith Walk (in the SUN!). I went to the farmers market this morning. On the bus I realised how lovely it was to feel unhurried. I normally feel I’m packing in quite a lot on a Saturday. As it happens I am going to a show at 5pm but there still feels like enough time for a leisurely lunch from my farmers market haul and time to get on with some dyeing experiments with yarn. Oh may this feeling last!