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FOR MOST PEOPLE – great graffiti at Seafield . But now obscured by later graffiti. Holgas not very clear. Uppermost in my mind after #lebusstopflop  – after doing a bit of research into our local bus stops it turned out they are not put up by our local council (cough Edinburgh) but by advertisers. Their only existence comes as a place to place advertising. Edinburgh City has changed the contractor to JC Deceaux a French company with no idea of the climatic conditions of this place and have provided us with bus shelters with only two walls and tinted roof (TO KEEP THE SUN OFF !! HA! not seen the sun in months). As we have been essentially sold to a company we as citizens have no redress. And strangely enough in our main street Princes St where the company obviously thinks it can sell more advertising those shelters have a dizzying 3 walls.In the outlying areas less advertising revenue NADA! I got interviewed about it here in our local paper.


“Do not be deceived by the outside appearance of order in our plutocratic society. It fares with it as it does with the older norms of war, that there is an outside look of quite wonderful order about it; how neat and comforting the steady march of the regiment; how quiet and respectable the sergeants look; how clean the polished cannon … the looks of adjutant and sergeant as innocent-looking as may be, nay, the very orders for destruction and plunder are given with a quiet precision which seems the very token of a good conscience; this is the mask that lies before the ruined cornfield and the burning cottage, and mangled bodies, the untimely death of worthy men, the desolated home.”
William Morris

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Finally walked from Leith to Porty tonight  – I’ve done it so few times this year. It only takes about 50 mins from the Links along Seafield Road then down over the fence to the long beach. We’ve worked out a marker point for water which says the tide is out enough to make it past the rocks. Tonight surprisingly warm but gray and overcast. We saw someone swimming! But both of us must be unfit as we were knackered and stopped for chips. I think it was the last bit on the soft sand that did us in.


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