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Duke St Leith

So I had to do this thing and every time I was about to do it something was wrong. The weather, the light, too tired. Eventually I twigged you just have to do it. There is no perfect moment. The perfect moment is an excuse. We have to get stuck in. In the imperfect midst of it all.


Granny Square Baby Blankets Holga

It’s Friday night and I’m about to settle down to a rocking evening of crochet + something undemanding on the iplayer. I’ve spent a day wrestling with gatekeepers in the accounts / finance departments  of UK industry and a server which kept on conveniently breaking down (Crochet break yay!) So tonight I’m aiming for the Joy of Completion. Many years ago I was hell bent on becoming the most awesome filmmaker in the history of film and spent years writing scripts, proposals, going to beg for funding! occasionally making a film! (working for free on other people’s films! ) but only probably twice and occasionally had fleeting experience of the Joy of Completion. The first time I had it after an edit at STV studios in Cowcaddens Glasgow I walked down to Sauchiehall Street and had what I can only say was a mystical experience. Seriously. I looked at all the rag tag of people walking down that road and felt  complete, whole and totally at one with the world. Of course I then fought like hell to replicate that amazing feeling with little success. It is only now as I have become a MAKER I realise I can now access that feeling on a regular basis. Instead of waiting for someone to allow me to make something or wait for permission I just go right ahead and do it. All I need is to regularly turn up ( or in my case lie down as a huge percentage of my making is done in bed) and do the next stitch. I’ve completed  7 blankets this year, contributed to 2 collaborative blankets, I scarf  and made 10 textile art works and its only half way through the year. (I cannot help but wonder if it is precisely that craft has few gatekeepers is why it is so despised? )

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Just back from  a yarn dyeing workshop in West Kilbride with Old Maiden Aunt. Fantastic day! We both made 8 samples using different bases.. Nicola’s are the deeper colours on the left mine on the right. Then after lunch made up full skeins using our notes from the morning. I can’t wait to do more experiments at home. april2015 614 april2015 611 april2015 612 april2015 613

Yarn is currently hanging in spare room drying. I’m swithering about what to do with the two large hanks.. Byatt? I did it on the merino/nylon/cashmere base as a friend has been totally converted by it.


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