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Yesterday at my craft group 3 members gave me these knitted and crocheted scarves and stoles to be sent to Knit for Peace. They are collecting for the refugees now living in Kurdistan 1.8 million people. Last year 6000 perished from the cold. I’m adding another two stoles and a blanket I’ve made earlier. Perhaps another if I manage a lot of crochet this evening! My mother bless her is going to pay for the postage. Jennifer Welsher of Granny Greens made the three  shawls pictured above. One is a Stephen West Pattern and the lace is Freer patten.All are in the most gorgeous snuggly wool which will keep someone a bit cozier in the winter. And two lovely scarves knitted  and crocheted by two other members so the men aren’t left out.

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But if it wasn’t photographed – did it really happen? In that in the past few days have been incredibly busy. I’ve been beetling all around town but keep forgetting to take the memory card for my camera – so no photos. I’ve had one trip to the beach – sitting and crocheting while the waves crashed around me and been walking all around the city in between teaching. I went on Wed to Stockbridge and met a friend for birthday pastries at Patiesserie Madeline. Oh the colours ! simply gorgeous ! and a tiny Madeline with our tea. I borrowed my friends camera to take some photographs. She being a much better knitter than I is knitting up the striped yarn I dyed and to my amazement  it is NOT pooling! The measuring worked! (Pattern is Jaywalker).

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A Granny Greens crafter moved back to the US and gave me two large granny squares unfinished. I took this one the teal centre and upscaled it to make a blanket approx 60″ square for a Syrian refugee. I’m sending it to Knit for Peace which is sending knitted and crocheted items before the arrival of winter to some of the large camps in Kurdistan where there are 1.8 million refugees. They are particularly in need of adult sized blankets. ‘We particularly need warm adult clothes, children’s cardigans and jumpers, baby teddies and jackets, bed socks, scarves, adult hats and of course large sized blankets. We have at the moment a lot of baby hats and baby blankets.’ So hold the baby blankets and hats… also needed are donations to offset the cost of transport to Kurdistan.

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So on the train back from a jaunt to Stonehaven (pics to follow) I showed off the yarn I’d dyed from the freebie In the Loop conference pack. What to do with it was discussed and when I returned to Granny Greens that night I made a chain. intending to do a granny square cowl. But later that night I changed my mind swapping to a slightly different pattern.  Then showed it to a work colleague and she put it on and I was only able to wrest it off her for the taking of documentary evidence! A cyclist she felt it would be v useful to wear as it gets chillier here. What joy to crochet in a 5mm hook! A project barely of an evening.


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More experimentation – we got given a ball of undyed arran yarn 50g from New Lanark Mills in our conference bag for In The Loop so on my return I started dunking it in dye. I was a bit alarmed by the brightness of the colours so it went through as second bath of a violet/black. I’m trying the same colours again on a merino. Its drying on the radiator… and I might just leave it without the second colour.


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