On Sat I skipped the farmers market due to getting up very late and still feeling very grim. I went up to Loudens on Fountainbridge to have a brunch out instead in the company of the FT. Good thing too as I saw this. Student accommodation being built by private developers sounds benign until  you discover a) the rents that are being charged for studio flats (£600-880 pcm) so for rich students only b) the quality of the  housing stock we have in Edinburgh is going down the pan c) come areas are approaching well over 50% student population meaning a disinterested transient group begins to dominate and d) the developers are using this to sneak in even more holiday lets during the summer and xmas. The Cockburn Association covers this well here.

jan2015 074 jan2015 072 jan2015 073As I’ve been off work for a week- I have been indulging in comfort crafting. Comfort crafting is crafting to play with colour. Luckily the found ball of sock yarn lurking under bed was combined with 2 other balls to make a rather cheery granny shawl. Progress has also been made on repairing and upscaling a blanket for a nephew and a few squares for Knit-a-Square out of oddments. The only problem is that I’m running out of suitably soothing radio / tv programmes on the iplayer to zonk out of.



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I recently encountered a piece of my knitting from about 8/9 years ago. A knitted baby blanket which I made for my niece. It disappeared and suddenly was found again. On my last trip south I was reaquainted. I love my colour choices!!  So there.. tbh most stuff made for kids is horrible or cripes malarkey there are many many crafters with deformed colour sense. The pattern is from a book I bought but since sold. It was done in subdued colours in the pattern. As you can see I’ve ignored that. When searching for the perfect colour I often just bought tapesty skeins to give the right pop of colour… hence the interesting random felting going on here. However its still beloved and still used for important purposes like fort building.


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