I’ve been attempting to clean and clear stuff since I got back from London. I have to take short knitting breaks to relieve the tedium and exhaustion. Hopefully I’m going to actually FINISH some items. Also fishing out squares for les orphans which are slowly getting posted out. Today Edinburgh Yarn Festival announced that they were taking a break so no yarn festival next year. I think somehow I have enough stash to make it through….


A few months ago I realised I had to improve my sleep. One change I made was doing more reading at night and fewer screens. I’ve been ferreting out and reading Ngaio Marsh and Margery Allingham. I’m already a confirmed Dorothy L Sayers fan. Luckily the two former writers were fairly prolific so I’m still determinedly raking though shelves in second-hand bookshops and charity shops. I allowed myself to go crazy at Christmas and order second-hand copies from ABE books. I had an epiphany last year or possibly earlier during #metoo when I realised that one reason I like reading crime is that usually the criminal pays. Of course off the page they get away with it.

Agatha Christie is considered to be the forth in the quartet of Queens of Crime but though I enjoy her adaptations I’m not so keen on her books.


My niece and nephew have been up staying with my parents. I was persuaded to play Monopoly with nephew yesterday. I was astonished at how into the game he got (only 9!) Is this the true test of the lure of capitalism? His cynical older sister was drawn into playing today when she realised her brother was having more fun than him. Today I played recklessly in the hope I’d be mortgaged to the hilt and bankrupted quickly as they had to get to Peebles by tonight. Despite my best efforts I won…  It was great to see fake money, plastic houses, and cardboard winning over screens.


A few weeks ago I started writing ‘morning pages’ a tool of a creativity workshop I used to run. I’d stopped doing them as they weren’t adding anything to my life. So was surprised when I spontaneously took some paper and sat down in a nearby cafe.

I was even more surprised about what they brought up! More to come. Part of my irregular Analogue Friday series – about the unexpected benefits of doing things by hand. I’ve continued this by finding two clogged up ink cartridge pens and am soaking the nibs to get them unstuck in boiling water. I don’t think an ink pen is an essential for getting the most out of writing but a fast writing pen helps rather than grinding away with a temperamental Biro.


Well hello! A chat with a dear friend this week made me think about whether it was time I was ‘playing in my own playground’. I confess I’ve been a lot in Facebuik (sadly tethered to it was my beloved craft group organises via it) twitter @fatblackcatspaw where I get driven mad with distraction about politics (particularly local politics- I now know FAR too much about what is happening locally) and much more joyfully but addictively instagram also @fatblackcatspaw.  The problem is that you become a consumer of posts or reactive instead of standing in your playground playing. So as a huge enormous weight has shifted off me a few hours ago. Another annoying irritating local political shenneigans has finished its first consultation round. I’ve said my piece I can now think about other things.

I dyed these balls of yarn while I was ill in the last few weeks. They came to me via a craft group destash. Japanese yarn in slightly shaded green and pink and I over dyed them. I’m trying to wean myself off acrylic partly all the publicity about plastic me thinking about where our stuff goes and also the influence of two podcasters Knitbritish and Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet. 

The result has been that I’ve been making do and using up my stash. Not even buying from charity shops! I have had quite a few donations but even so I’m slowly making my way through it. I find that I have more than I thought in the under stair cupboard.

In other news the Fat Black Cat herself is sadly not so fat, has kidney disease and thyroid cancer so we sit together trying to give each other comfort. She may be furry but she holds my heart between her paws.