Seriously rubbish day at work today… and apparently there’s been fraudulent activity on my account so my bank card is suspended. Am knocking back fake Pimms with tonic (the fake Pimms is from Lidels half the price). About to haul out a unfinished craft project and finish it tonight. I need to stitch and create and feel I’ve done something REAL. I’m sure this is why crafting is so popular we want to have an end product, a sense of accomplishment. Rare indeed in the modern work place.


A grey wind has come up. it was lovely when I left work and I thought about going to the beach for a walk but made the mistake of hangng about at home. So now its an unattractive prospect. However… am toying with trying to make a lemon buckwheat cake, listening to The Archers and making lots of crochet squares.

MG_0252_0012Holga Portobello Beach



Finally walked from Leith to Porty tonight  – I’ve done it so few times this year. It only takes about 50 mins from the Links along Seafield Road then down over the fence to the long beach. We’ve worked out a marker point for water which says the tide is out enough to make it past the rocks. Tonight surprisingly warm but gray and overcast. We saw someone swimming! But both of us must be unfit as we were knackered and stopped for chips. I think it was the last bit on the soft sand that did us in.

april2015 605april2015 606april2015 607april2015 603april2015 604

Just back from  a yarn dyeing workshop in West Kilbride with Old Maiden Aunt. Fantastic day! We both made 8 samples using different bases.. Nicola’s are the deeper colours on the left mine on the right. Then after lunch made up full skeins using our notes from the morning. I can’t wait to do more experiments at home. april2015 614 april2015 611 april2015 612 april2015 613

Yarn is currently hanging in spare room drying. I’m swithering about what to do with the two large hanks.. Byatt? I did it on the merino/nylon/cashmere base as a friend has been totally converted by it.


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