Milo MacLaughlin of Clearminded Creative has made a fabulous wee video giving you flavour of the event at Gladstones Library in May. More to come over on our mini site including the recordings of presentations. Sign up to the newsletter there to get advance notice of other summits. And DO  try the Chi Kung introductory session which we did with Lourenço de Azevedo. Even without the magical backdrop of Gladstones Library its a wonderful grounding set of exercises (even for those ‘allergic’ to exercise!)


Leith Walk Holga

Back from 10 days in London and Wales. Many pictures to come and tales to tell. Spent morning trying to get through my inbox, arrange those important but dull things that need to be done, vet appointments, dentist visits to fix broken filling. A coffee meeting with a friend. Always forget how we need both entry and exit to travels.

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I got some holgas  processed a few months back. They were kindly scanned by a friend. I marvel how something which is so hit and miss has more charm than the flat digital picture. I’m afraid that the digital image though marvellous for aide memoire and for its instantaneousness lacks something slightly mysterious which comes with the crash of light, chemical and random chance of the film image. Last weekend I was talking to an incredibly prolific musician who maintained that the mistakes from improvisation and live music made the most polished ‘perfected’ piece of music seem dead. And I am in turn agreeing – there is something ‘dead’ about the digital image. It’s no mistake that so much post production is done on images by photographers nowadays. I’m not saying that images weren’t enhanced in the dark room but it seems to me that much more needs to be done to ‘improve’ a digital image than an analogue one. Besides…. there is no viewing screen.. you don’t know what you get until it comes back from the lab… its like Christmas.

april2015 067 april2015 066

So both my niece and nephew have crocheted blankets made by me. I made one with granny squares mostly in Tiger yarn for Freddie and handed it over last autumn. Then on my visit to Cambridge in January it was brought out as due to a design fault.. some of the squares were … UNRAVELLING!  Under the Aunt Lifetime Guarantee I took it home. Unravelled the miscreant squares. Made more squares with the circle centres and enlarged it. Freddie already looks about 2 years older than he actually is so I want the blanket to last him until adulthood. Finally finished the boarder in time for it to be handed over on a family visit north over Easter.

jan2015 224 jan2015 221 jan2015 222 jan2015 223

Last week I popped into Casa Amiga for a (decaff) flat white and a nata.Oddly enough I’d only ever been in for a takeaway or sat in if with friends but I  plonked myself down and enjoyed a bit of respite. The decaff tasted fine by the way.  And natas I adore. £3.90 for such joy!  Cafe Amiga also has a small deli selection. Some of the goods I remember from my South African childhood – Marie biscuits anyone! They have very tempting pastries and cakes.

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A mini-adventure on Sunday. Went to Portobello to celebrate the end of a piece of work by having brunch at the Espy. Which was lovely – then a rather short wander along the front. The past the house with the plaque on it and then onto Earthy for some shopping. It was rather dampish so not out long but it was lovely.


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