jan2015 074 jan2015 072 jan2015 073As I’ve been off work for a week- I have been indulging in comfort crafting. Comfort crafting is crafting to play with colour. Luckily the found ball of sock yarn lurking under bed was combined with 2 other balls to make a rather cheery granny shawl. Progress has also been made on repairing and upscaling a blanket for a nephew and a few squares for Knit-a-Square out of oddments. The only problem is that I’m running out of suitably soothing radio / tv programmes on the iplayer to zonk out of.



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I’m day 11 of the lurgy. A friend confidently predicted that by Thursday I’d be feeling better. However I ventured out today to the supermarket lemons and coffee were running low. I made it back and felt wiped. So back to small comforts, filling a red tin teapot with lemon, ginger, syrup and hotwater, ill crafting  – a granny shawl made from one ball of sock yarn found under the bed, one bought on my last trip out to a lunch and another plain yellow ball found while ferreting about in a bag. I’ve watched all the free Midsomer Murders I can find on the iplayer. Now to find something suitably undemanding for this evening.

jan2015 060 jan2015 056 jan2015 057 jan2015 058 jan2015 059 jan2015 066 jan2015 061 jan2015 062 jan2015 063 jan2015 064 jan2015 065So on my last trip south I picked a late train back to Scotland – 4.30pm at Kings Cross. In theory I had plenty of time to get from Cambridge first thing. However… there was an ‘incident’ at Audley End and as it was the train in Kings Cross took an hour and a half. I Got myself to the V&A on the Picadilly Line (stopping off to use facilities at St Pancras – top tip – free!) and made it to the V&A about 11.45. After dumping my luggage, realising the exhibition i wanted to see had closed the day before, bought some postcards I just made my way straight to the cafe, clutching a map and a whats on guide. Deciding that a bit of sustenance and a sit down would help my frazzled self. Lunch lets not beat around the bush is ‘London prices’ a pork chop and one side was £12. But even if you are broke do set aside some thing for a cup of tea or coffee just so you can sit in the magnificent William Morris designed cafe. Three quite different rooms in style.




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