paris2015two-062paris2015two-063paris2015two-061paris2015two-064paris2015two-065paris2015two-066paris2015two-067paris2015two-068paris2015two-069paris2015two-070How lovely to revisit these photos from my trip in 2015  – October but we had lovely weather for walking about


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All is revealed ! our true reason for visiting Paris (does one need a reason?) My uncle David Brotherton had a big birthday this month so his daughter Lydia and I cooked up this surprise. She taking him and her mum and sister to Paris. Me and my parents travelling separately and surprise ! at Jim Haynes famous dinner on Sunday. Sorry the photos are a bit dark… we had a wonderful time. Meeting lovely people from the US and the Netherlands over dinner. There was a birthday cake for David and a wee bit of time for reminiscence. David meeting Jim in a Spanish class in the 1950’s in Edinburgh Uni and going on to help out with the setting up and running of the Traverse Theatre. I persuaded everyone to meet up for a coffee at Shakespeare & Co’s new cafe the next day before the Brothertons caught their plane.

Finally couldn’t miss out this awesome pic of Jim’s shop in Buccleuch Pl with a very determined Salvation Army lady burning a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.BOOK_ON_FIRE_big (1)

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But if it wasn’t photographed – did it really happen? In that in the past few days have been incredibly busy. I’ve been beetling all around town but keep forgetting to take the memory card for my camera – so no photos. I’ve had one trip to the beach – sitting and crocheting while the waves crashed around me and been walking all around the city in between teaching. I went on Wed to Stockbridge and met a friend for birthday pastries at Patiesserie Madeline. Oh the colours ! simply gorgeous ! and a tiny Madeline with our tea. I borrowed my friends camera to take some photographs. She being a much better knitter than I is knitting up the striped yarn I dyed and to my amazement  it is NOT pooling! The measuring worked! (Pattern is Jaywalker).