12 tips for being more creative in the next year

(c) BRIDGEMAN; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
  • Start small but start.
  • Be willing to be a beginner.
  • Be willing to look bad at it. But give your time to gain skills.
  • Don’t compare yourself to people who have been doing it for years or decades.
  • Stop staring at other people’s work online and use the time saved to creat your own instead.
  • Sign up for a class or a workshop as it gives you support and a structure.
  • Try and find a way of doing what you want in small amounts of time. Don’t wait for great swathes of time to start. Do a drawing while on call waiting. Practice drumming in a traffic jam on your stearing wheel.
  • Integrate being creative into your life instead of thinking you have to upend it to be creative. Ie I can only write this novel if I abandon my family and job and live as a hobo on a Greek beach…
  • Try new things even simple things like a new recipe or a new route to work can shake up your thinking and create unexpected connections which is the life blood of creativity.
  • Don’t ask other permission to do it. Just give yourself permission.
  • Try not to berate youself for not starting before  – its probably fear. Fear is disolved by kindness not by cruelty.
  • Start small but START.
  • Artist’s Way group starting Edinburgh 16th January more info here.

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