Monthly Archives: December 2019

women repairingIf you have lost your creative oomph or even never found it or it needs repairing   – like these ladies repairing camouflage (pic by Evelyn Dunbar) I’m running an Artist’s Way course in January in Edinburgh. I’ve taken a long break from teaching but it seems to me that in present circumstances being creative is one response to it. More info here.


Carola Gordon

I’m dashing to London tomorrow. A quick visit to see friends before Christmas. A bit bonkers but as was so low it feels a better thing to do. However had my last Yiddish class of the year – really lovely to be back. I’ve missed so much due to ill health. Tomorrow my annual freelancers xmas lunch for those who don’t have office lunches to go to. Then straight up to the station with my rucksack.

Right I should be wrapping things not online.


Anne Redpath

We should be hibernating or taking tea on a chaise longue. Instead I’m stuck overwhelmed by all the things I should be doing.  A pile of to do’s has piled up and I’ve got to leave the house in an hour and a half. Wrap tablet. Write Christmas cards. The entire house looks APPAULING.  Sigh. Whatever ones’ resolutions thus it was ever so.


Anne Redpath

Tomorrow is the election… not a lot of enthusiasm here. Perhaps being so political all my adult life I’ve run out of oomph. Trying hard to be positive. Actually getting things done in my life. To do  lists to be crossed off. Be busy no time to think what a mess we are in collectively or individually. Christmas tablet ingredients bought but after making a truly awesome pea and ham soup using smoked ham hough I have run out of energy.


I’ve been having several days – just crashing about with terrible anxiety and sadness and despair. I think the accumulated losses over this year and the past year continue to wreak havoc.  I have had incredible kind friends listening to me in my despair.  This is such a hard time of year anyway. I’ve been trying to keep busy and by luck I’d booked thisworkshop on handquilting a few weeks ago. Despite my cough I decided to go and I’m so glad I did. A lovely bunch of people on my table and apart from general despair about threading needles! We all complained about the tiny eye of these needles. But the concentrated effort on learning about quilters knots and pulling the needle though cloth seemed to soothe my frazzled mind.