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At a recent family lunch we were mesmerised by the entertainment of a wedding at the church opposite my parents house. Now a Chinese church we were struck by the number of kilts worn by the wedding guests. Indeed high days and holidays like weddings, graduations and sporting occasions will have a large number of kilt appearances. My cousin infact thought it was becoming ‘common’ so many men were migrating to tartan trews as a reaction to the kilt.

My uncle then told a tale of wearing the Kilt to New York about 15 years ago where it caused  a sensation and then in a throwaway remark said his kilt was over a hundred years old. Indeed! My uncle is at least eighty and his kilt was remade from my Great Uncle George’s kilt. And his kilt was from my Great Grandfather David Brown Dott. Now the kilt could easily be 120 years old  – depending on when he  got his kilt. One garment going strong at 120 years old ! Take that throwaway fashion!

Of course tartan has a very chequered history which anyone who has read The Invention of Tradition knows but apparently the BBC put out a documentary recently rehashing it all – dubious Welsh charlatans invented it….


*sorry about using Pinterest images  – they frustrate me by having a paucity of information about the origins of the image and about the image itself (but don’t you just love those socks?)

(c) Glasgow Museums; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Nicholson Square by Anne Redpath – Note Kaytee Horsman ceramic cat in window.

Was slightly hungover when I woke up this morning – an unusual concurrence. I made the mistake of checking out social meja this morning  – it really has soured my mood! Will try and cut down again. I’m supposed to be houseworking today hence a reluctance to move. However its lovely and sunny surely walking to Tescos carpark to do the recycling will be a pleasure today?