Monmartre II


More to come! I’m struggling with the new wordpress dashboard.  Meanwhile in other breaking news I finally planted my parrott tulips ordered in the Autumn. A realisation that one has to plan for forward pleasures. A gardening minded friend thought they might actually come up next autumn! But gardening in Nov/Dec was a no no for me. So I popped out with the aid of a dessert spoon planted them all and hope that cats/squirrels do not dig them up.

  1. Lovely pictures. Tip – when you click on My Sites and the left hand sidebar comes up there is a link at the bottom to WP Admin from which you can use the old dashboard. They are hiding it ever more cunningly!

  2. ah thanks for that tip! I’m sure if I was blogging more regularly I’d get used to it but it does feel way more faffy – and my computer seems to be getting even more slow!

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