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January, crappy day at work, dark, nearly went down the social media rabbit hole, that unsatisfactory flitting about online but pulled myself back from the brink put on The Last Five Years the doc about David Bowie (Be Still My Beating Heart!) and took out some crafting and felt slightly whole again dundeeyarnbomb

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I highly recommend going to Renoir’s Garden Museum in Monmartre. Actually Renoir only stayed there a few years but Suzanne Valadon lived there much longer and she is very interesting. Her studio is preserved and they had an extensive exhibtion of her works when we were there, The exhibtions do change though so I’m sure it would be different by now.  But what really transformed it for us was discovering it has a ‘cat with a job’. The clue was when we came across this half open cupboard as we walked over to a room with an audio visual display. After wandering in the gardens and admiring the vines in the vinyard next door (the vinyard is run by the Mayor of Monmartre and the wine is sold for charity – you can buy bottles in the museum shop) we were rewarded by meeting the occupier of the basket. A very fine almost friendly Museum Cat Greeter who is obviously a French Cousin of the Fat Black Cat Herself. Sadly we failed to get the name of this hard working feline.


A poster seen on the Paris Metro… I had to take a photo for obvious reasons…!!

I did another African Flower Hexagon blanket. Made with Big Merino from the Jenners Haberdashery closing down sale in September. Like many other crafters I gorged myself on yarn. Made of this blanket very quickly then stalled on the half hexagons and the border.I’d started making these blankets to send to Knit-a-square in memory of a family friend Jo Warner who died a year ago. I meant to get an email together with pictures to send to her husband Norman Bright but I kept putting it off. In the last few days I just heard that Norman has died too. Oh dear please please lets stop putting off difficult things and difficult emails. its to  easy to think another time is a better time but the imperfect now is better.

Jo worked for many years in education so  KAS remit to support early years education through the informal creches in shanty towns seemed appropriate.



More to come! I’m struggling with the new wordpress dashboard.  Meanwhile in other breaking news I finally planted my parrott tulips ordered in the Autumn. A realisation that one has to plan for forward pleasures. A gardening minded friend thought they might actually come up next autumn! But gardening in Nov/Dec was a no no for me. So I popped out with the aid of a dessert spoon planted them all and hope that cats/squirrels do not dig them up.

(c) BRIDGEMAN; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

What a year! Very … mixed… for me lots of changes… after coming out of a serious bout of illness last year. I feel its been a birl – I have hardly stopped until felled by a chest infection in November which has dragged on and on. I have to say most of my Christmas holiday has been spent recovering. However family who have travel afar return home today. The excitement of company, meals out, concerts etc is now over one more day trip before work starts.

Next year I’m determined will be different. I’ve started by placing some lovely freesias beside my bed. I shall now make a hotwater bottle retire to bed with some knitting for a refugee child (using up odds and ends I love being thrifty!) and listening to Dorothy L Sayers on the radio Busman’s Honeymoon. Small pleasures but we have to take them where we can.