Merry Bloomin Christmas


Hello! I’m aware that blogging has been light and as another friend has advised me the mea culpa posts are irritating. Suffice it to say full time working + feeling rubbish for last two months have dented enthusiasm.

My usual Christmas traditions have been curtailed or are out of the window. My tablet factory was indeed opened and quickly closed! (search blog for recipe). I may well reopen it in time for New Year. I’m back from Christmas lunch. A disparate group of my parents, family friends, strays and lovely though it was. My low energy means I’m kind of glad to get home. Very grateful for the taxi driver who got me home and am planning a slow evening of undemanding telly plus knitting for refugees. Its only been the slow clack of the needle or hook which has been keeping me going the past few months.


What a year! I don’t know about you but I’m still very firmly discombobulated by world events. I’m not 100% yet sure how to respond to them all. I know that social media has been like a Coryvrecken of stuff what to think what to do … and and and I’m still formulating my response to the world the way it is and negotiating how to respond with very limited energy. Sometimes all I want to do is shut the door, order some seed potatoes and sit it out…


So what do I wish for or hope for ? I don’t know .. perhaps things will become clearer and less storm tossed or at lest we will see a path forward in this confusing world. I cling to my friends IRL, my lovely craft group, my grumpy fat cat (she’s not taken well to this full time working malarky), and making things with my hands.



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