The day of small things

I’ve used this title before  in blog posts (I first heard it as the title of a book by O Douglas but it comes from the bible). I feel I’ve been in a whirl for 3 months. Working unexpectedly full time huge swathes of my life had to quietly be dropped and regular blogging was one of them. Photography! I can’t transfer over my digital pics and have discovered my camera is bust AND instagram  has gone by the wayside as my ipod touch is missing in action somewhere in the house. ANYHOO..  today I had an unexpectedly lovely day. Got the bus up to the farmers market  on Castle Terrace (please support local food, local farmers, more sustainable agriculture!) met a family friend ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle ‘on the no 10 bus. Then the friend was going to meet at the market managed to get the same bus as me – she said she recognised me from the stop… I didn’t think I was that distinctive. Birled through the market – I can do my shop in 20-30 mins – admired a wonderful display of squashes and discovered camera was bust. We then went to Lovecrumbs as said friend had not been there before.  I threw healthy caution to wind and had a black current and coconut sponge cake along side my tea. lovecrumbscup

We then bemoaned the total horror of what is happening politically. I crocheted a square in purple. We parted throughly cheered up. And there even was a bit of sunshine!

I skipped next door and went into Edinburgh Books where to my joy I found Death at the Bar by Niago Marsh – a new to me title yay! Death at the Bar & Final Curtain.JPGThen a long chatty conversation with a friend in London. Me chucking items of clothing to wash and dishes to clean.

It amazes me how quite simple things can make a day good. Now to carry on tidy, organise and cook. Then retire early with the crochet

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  1. Lovely to hear from you again. A perfect day often is a day of little things, at a leisurely pace. Hope your Sunday is as good.

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