desperately searching for a loo in Paris

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So trying to visit the Musee de Picasso was a disaster after walking round and around (the signage was terrible) we finally arrived and were stopped at the gates due to private event… thus exhausted I departed from my parents and wandered aimlessly in the Marais. I was asked by some Chinese touristfs for directions to the Picasso but they didn’t belive me when I said they wouldn’t get in and still trotted off towards it. Finally desperate for the loo I went and paid my 8 euros to go to the Jewish Museum of History and Art as I was desperate for the loo. Thankfully the loo was lovely, the exhibition really interesting and wonderful frescos in the cafe. I’m sorry I failed to take pictures of the outside. Why I don’t know as it was a beautiful 17th century building.

  1. Erin and Sky said:

    Can’t stop gawking at the guerrilla art pictures. Do you know if those are by Invader?

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