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A few weeks ago I went to have lunch with a friend who lives on on Corstophine Hill. I was quite out with my bus timings so arrived about an hour early which gave me time to wander around the older part of this village before going up the hill. Where there are stunning views to the Pentland Hills.

  1. What a fabulous cross that is – Jessie Chrystal Finlayson is a relative of mine, so I was very surprised to see the photo of it here:)

  2. I thought the cross STUNNING – arts & crafts or celtic revival? any relation of Crystal Macmillan the suffragette and peace campaigner?

  3. Yes, they are her parents. John MacMillan was a wealthy tea merchant and his wife Jessie Chrystal Finlayson was the daughter of Rev Thomas Finlayson who was moderator of the United Presbyterian Church (and brother to my greatgreatgrandfather John Finlayson)

    • how wonderful Crystal MacMillian was a really interesting woman I’d be mightily proud to be related. An Edinburgh University Building has been named after her too.

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