Cherry cake, spaniels and knitting

april2015 167april2015 128 april2015 158 april2015 168 april2015 164 april2015 165 april2015 166I made off to the North of England last sat. A last minute ticket grab when I realised that a) my normal work was low on shifts and b) if I didn’t go now then it would be mid winter before I could get away. Armed with massive amounts of anti histamines – sadly these lovely dogs set off my allergies. (However top tips by super allergic friend really helped me – take a one a day tablet 3 days before travel and while there take a 4 hour tablet at first sign of trouble – me chest only wheezed once – drugs DRUGS DRUGS are the only way to go). The dogs bless them regularly came over and layed a head on my knee then looked over meaningfully to the fridge. Apparently as a human they were convinced I had access to  TREATS  and they tried their best to get me to play along. It was a wonderfully non productive few days. Just catching up talking talking, Listening to 80’s music and admiring the music videos. Listen up why isn’t someone writing a phd on music videos of the 80’s they had class then ! Even Derek Jarman made videos for the Pet Shop Boys and Marianne Faithful. Intense discussions on the creative life. When do you give up your dreams and how liberating it is to stop living in the future but NOW. H made copious amounts of coffee (getting me back on the hard stuff) and we ate chunks of cherry cake. Brief forays to Hexham and after a terrible disaster sitting on my bamboo Tiger circulars another trip to buy replacements. Woolabaloo in Hexham is a delightful yarn shop and highly recommend hunting out (near central square). Bought knitcol for a wee refugee jumper and they didn’t have 3mm circulars but they directed me to another shop which provided. The striped thing is Spring Fever a stole which I’ve adapted to smaller stripes but has to be finished for the 17th so I really should get off the interwebs and carry on knitting. What amazed me is that my weekend of gluten /sugar / caffeine/ alcohol imbibing had NOT ONE negative effect on me…. which makes me wonder if cheerful company and wood burning stoves are some kind of health immuniser.


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