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So we went in search of the Musee Picasso (after stomping off in a huff from the Pompideu not impressed) but it was really badly signposted so we walked round and round the Marais… finally arriving to be stopped at the door because there was a private event on. So bugger Picasso we didn’t bother going back.

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All is revealed ! our true reason for visiting Paris (does one need a reason?) My uncle David Brotherton had a big birthday this month so his daughter Lydia and I cooked up this surprise. She taking him and her mum and sister to Paris. Me and my parents travelling separately and surprise ! at Jim Haynes famous dinner on Sunday. Sorry the photos are a bit dark… we had a wonderful time. Meeting lovely people from the US and the Netherlands over dinner. There was a birthday cake for David and a wee bit of time for reminiscence. David meeting Jim in a Spanish class in the 1950’s in Edinburgh Uni and going on to help out with the setting up and running of the Traverse Theatre. I persuaded everyone to meet up for a coffee at Shakespeare & Co’s new cafe the next day before the Brothertons caught their plane.

Finally couldn’t miss out this awesome pic of Jim’s shop in Buccleuch Pl with a very determined Salvation Army lady burning a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.BOOK_ON_FIRE_big (1)

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Walked along Rue Bonapart fascinated by door knockers ! then ambled right and found this tiny park and statue and round the corner… 1950’s carved roundels on a building I think part of the university.

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The Musee de Cluny in Paris is a museum devoted to medieval art and houses the astounding Lady and Unicorn tapestries. Which really are worth seeing in the yarn – where they are mysterious and with such delightful detail. Rabbits, monkeys, parrot? and the flowers all I’m sure could be botanically identified. I also delighted in finding many representations of sheep and a lady spinning with a cat helper.