In the Loop Cowl

july15 173july15 172

So on the train back from a jaunt to Stonehaven (pics to follow) I showed off the yarn I’d dyed from the freebie In the Loop conference pack. What to do with it was discussed and when I returned to Granny Greens that night I made a chain. intending to do a granny square cowl. But later that night I changed my mind swapping to a slightly different pattern.  Then showed it to a work colleague and she put it on and I was only able to wrest it off her for the taking of documentary evidence! A cyclist she felt it would be v useful to wear as it gets chillier here. What joy to crochet in a 5mm hook! A project barely of an evening.


  1. Those colours are lovely, I like what you made with them. I wish I could crochet! (or knit)

    • thanks! if you want to learn and autumn is a good time to start! Its great learning from someone otherwise I highly recommend Youtube – if a stitch I’ve not heard of comes up I scurry to Youtube to get a bit of instruction!

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