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More experimentation – we got given a ball of undyed arran yarn 50g from New Lanark Mills in our conference bag for In The Loop so on my return I started dunking it in dye. I was a bit alarmed by the brightness of the colours so it went through as second bath of a violet/black. I’m trying the same colours again on a merino. Its drying on the radiator… and I might just leave it without the second colour.


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Building on Duke St, Leith being renovated has brought up some interesting colourwork as the paint is stripped off this former shop front

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Rubbish photo from the In the Loop conference which I decided to go to at the last minute after listening to Louise Scollay’s podcast KnitBritish. I got myself off my metaphorical sofa and emailed on Monday about going for one day. Got up stupendously early to make it on the 7.45 train. I’ll have to look at the programme to remind myself of the range of topics covered. Oral histories of machine knitting in Easterhouse in the late 70’s early 80’s, crafting and the digital life, a presentation by an artist who collects unfinished knitted items, NZ traditions in knitting, the trade in hand knitted stockings in Elizabethian times, Dorcas Societies … barely scratching the surface here. Also good stimulating discussions in the breaks and lunchtime. (Covering MOTHS, the thorny issues of sponsorship and podcasts and the lack of racial diversity on Ravelry).Sorry to miss the Norwegian Sweater presentation yesterday… but was able to fondle a collection of them and buy postcards. If you are interested in craft in terms of history, anthropology,  sociology and art  do go to this if you see it on again. I’m so sorry I can’t go tomorrow but must do some work 😦

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I ended up taking a trip by boat on the Friday before my last visit to The Globe Theatre (highlight yarnbombed bicycle!). By this point I had already been to the walk in clinic in Soho and on seeing my foot  – drugs  were handed over. And I was told to rest. I had to go into town to meet my friend for the evening performance but what to do while I waited. I had a vague idea of going to the Tate Modern cafe and sitting there like Madam Defarge on her hols. Then I noticed the pier at Bankside and found a tour to the Thames Flood Barrier so for £10.33 I sat on the upper deck foot up on the seat in front of me. Braving the slightly inclement weather. I have to say the advantage of such weather is much better skies! It was beautiful to see Greenwich from the river. The last picture is of Almshouses in front of that rather extraordinary industrial building.

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So with the help of my insider London friend I negotiated the underground and interchanged at West Ham to get to London Bridge. I hirpled around Borough Market and got lunch. Delicious greek goat! and gluten free cakes, before parking myself on a bench overlooking the river.