april2015 449

Two kinds of Enough. One is Enough Stuff the other is Enough Doing.  And today I was planning to get rid of lots of Stuff. And do the washing up backlog and make the house a minimalist paradise. Instead… well I’ve gone two loads of washing up and I’ve surfed a LOT.  The shouty voices of beration are well very SHOUTY.

But is that true? It is true that I did not turn the house into a spick and span minimalist paradise but I did 1. dash up town to go to demo outside the City Chambers for a planning committee meeting 2 return home and listen to a live feed of it 3. develop apoplexy 4. speak to a friend who’s dog was in for an op. 5. Listen to an edited version of my talk at the (un) productivity  conference to ok it before it goes out this weekend (sign up here to hear my dulcet duchess like tones). 6. write a fairly long email to a friend in the north 7. move a light bulb from one room to another (long story) 8. cook twice 9. get another phonecall update on dog op 10.  make a mini banana loaf 11 finish a square for an orphan. 12 throw out one bag of rubbish and 13 put out and bring in a load of washing.

Humm… yes I did spend WAY too much time online… and have that itchy unsatisfied feeling as a result but it wasn’t a total washout of a day – just not the one I was planning.

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  1. Some days are just like that, and it sounds pretty productive to me

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