stop the West Register St demolition! UPDATE

july15 015

This is the building opp to the Cafe Royal if you are puzzling about where it is. It’s on the buildings at risk register.   More info here at the Cockburn Associations’ Facebook page. The most important thing to note is that it looks likely that this building’s demolition will be rubber stamped without going to full planning committee as not enough objections have been lodged. You can email tonight as long has he gets the email before Monday raising objections to this building’s demolition.  To quote the Cockburn Association ‘We are concerned with the potential loss of the Category B listed building, dating from the 1850’s, to the corner of West Register Street and Register Place. This represents a good quality building within the conservation area and World Heritage Site with characteristic Craigleith sandstone finish and it should be retained.’

**UPDATE** got an email back from Euan McMeeken who said the planned demolition will go to the Planning Committee probably in October. If you are local please follow Cockburn Association either on facebook or twitter to get updates and be prepared to write or even go to the meeting. As this poor building is surrounded by commercial properties there is not a local constituency of people living near it to leap to its defence so Edinburgers please keep an eye on it!


Thank goodness the Venetian style warehouse beside it appears to being kept by the developers. I dashed past yesterday taking photos of the utterly charming and exquisite details on the building.

july15 014 july15 002 july15 003 july15 004 july15 005 july15 006 july15 007 july15 008 july15 009 july15 010 july15 011 july15 012 july15 013

  1. Katy said:

    Ugh, I’m finding it hard to raise enough anger to write all the letters and sign all the petitions that need doing. But I’m sure that by October I’ll have replenished my supplies.

    Thanks for keeping up to date with it all!

  2. I know ! Need to write re Canonmills – hopfeully my writing mojo will return… and also waiting for the reemergence of trams on leith walk – I’m sort of girding my loins for… bloody knackering!

  3. oh will check that out tomorrow… was out to dinner with a friend filling her on fiendish planning applications (she live in clermiston news doesn’t travel that far!)

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