To Liberty’s

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I can never pass up a chance to visit Liberty’s when I visit London. And last time I went they had window displays focussed on Haberdashery. Also quilts on display hence the close up. They always have lovely displays in the shop.

  1. I worked for Rowan Yarns, based at Liberty, for a while a few years ago as a Design Consultant, and I never tired of wandering around the store in my breaktimes and feasting my eyes on the beauty of it all. This week, as part of the #StreathamFestival in south London my local Interiors and upholstery shop hosted an event with Liberty Art Fabrics. Liberty, along with William Morris, printed their fabrics at our local Merton Abbey Mill on the River Wandle in the 1890s and early 1900s, so we have a rich local fabric printing history. It was a fascinating, and we got to see the hand-drawn and painted designs for the current Liberty Art Fabrics collection Secret Garden. Fabulous. Will be writing a blogpost about it tomorrow!

  2. What a lovely idea to have a festival of liberty prints! I adore the shop.When I was a teenager I visited London with my mom first to Harrods which was ok but not wild about it . Then we went to Liberty’s and my mom bought tiny slivers fabric10 cm lengths which she used in her pictures of Edinburgh which she machine embroidered.So tiny bits of the patterns made their way into clothportraits of Anne St and the New Town!. I love Rowan but I’ve always thought liberty should produce their own yarn collection to go with the fabrics!

  3. If you search for Carola Gordon my mom’s name you will find lots of oils water colours and prints online but sadly as she did the collages pre internet days no images of them on the google

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