Royal High School yarn bomb

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On Tuesday I went up to Regent Terrace. Once Dear Readers I lived there in a basement flat where we were probably the only people on housing benefit. I probably didn’t really appreciate the fantastic location enough when I did live there… a little too blase. Anyway would walk past the Royal High School building nightly… at that time with a caravan vigil outside staffed for campaigners for the Scottish Parliament.! Yes it was THAT long ago. However this magnificent building has fallen on hard times. At one point it was touted as a possible museum of photography which would have been fantastic. Its only a few hundred yards from Rock House the studio of pioneering photographers Hill & Adamson (and the site of the first documented photograph taken by a woman with photographic equipment  – Jessie Mann) But that was not too be. Now there are plans to build two glass cubes on either side and turn this into a 6 star hotel. However the crafty underground are on it.

Independent Article

Herald Article

  1. What a shame the building is falling into a poor state. Hopefully it can be saved as a public venue for all.

  2. me too there has been another suggestion to turn it over to St Mary’s Music School – the bloke who started Summerhall keen on that – it would be a much better use than a 6 star hotel

  3. Katy said:

    I’m still gutted it won’t be a photography museum, but there’s got to be something better than another luxury hotel, especially given what they want to do to it.

    Between this and Boroughmuir, I’m feeling distinctly downhearted about building reuse in Edinburgh.

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