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Throughly grumpy crafter makes a point on the newly privatised Virgin East Coast train service. Formerly nationalised and profit making its now owned by the beardy horror Branson (a small share) with the majority of it owned by Stagecoach run by the loathesome Brian Soutar.  As he also controls the busses travelling to London  – unless one is prepared to fly – it is not impossible to leave Scotland without adding to the profits of this ghastly man. #BRINGBACKBRITISHRAIL

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So I just did a guest podcast for Michael Nobb’s One Thing Today on the subject of creativity. I talk about doing it stitch by stitch. This blanket was started about two years ago. I just made a whole pile of circles. Then stopped when I ran out of the right kind of black yarn to border them. Then a few months ago pulled all the squares together, counted them, made a few more and hunted out the right kind of black yarn to crochet them together. Pattern is one I made up myself but the circle is explained at Purl Bee.

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My first Welsh crenellated post office! april2015 397april2015 396
To celebrate the Coronation of the Queen – Hawarden created this bus shelter.april2015 395april2015 398april2015 414

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Even if I hadn’t seen the Welsh language crossing I would know I was in Wales. I wish instead of talking about big Nationalism – we’d have more discussion of small nationalism. Those Dutch gables in that particular configuration ever seen elsewhere by me. Where as in Scotland I swear I could tell apart and Edinburgh tenement block from a Glasweigian one. They aren’t better but just ‘particular’ to geography, economy and culture.

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The garden at Gladstones Library. Each day we fell into the delightful habit of doing Chi Kung under the guidance of Lourenço de Azevedo out in the grounds. Its a relaxing but energising form of exercise and unlike most did not make me want to lie down and have a nap after! Though I’m sure that at the Library half of the benefit was standing outside enjoying the breeze and the twittering bird song. If you sign up here to get notifications of the next  (un)productivity summit a free 20 min video running through a basic set of exercises will be sent to you. I’ve been doing it each morning in my garden here in Edinburgh before going to work this week… causing much puzzlement from the Fat Black Cat as I wave my arms about, shake like a monkey , miaws of concern.