the analogue allotment

MG_0245_0016 MG_0245_0012 MG_0245_0013 MG_0245_0014 MG_0245_0015 MG_0245_0023 MG_0245_0017 MG_0245_0018 MG_0245_0019 MG_0245_0020 MG_0245_0021 MG_0245_0022

I got some holgas  processed a few months back. They were kindly scanned by a friend. I marvel how something which is so hit and miss has more charm than the flat digital picture. I’m afraid that the digital image though marvellous for aide memoire and for its instantaneousness lacks something slightly mysterious which comes with the crash of light, chemical and random chance of the film image. Last weekend I was talking to an incredibly prolific musician who maintained that the mistakes from improvisation and live music made the most polished ‘perfected’ piece of music seem dead. And I am in turn agreeing – there is something ‘dead’ about the digital image. It’s no mistake that so much post production is done on images by photographers nowadays. I’m not saying that images weren’t enhanced in the dark room but it seems to me that much more needs to be done to ‘improve’ a digital image than an analogue one. Besides…. there is no viewing screen.. you don’t know what you get until it comes back from the lab… its like Christmas.

  1. Beautiful photos! They do have a certain special magic!! I have a few lomo cameras; might have to ferret them out!

  2. Katy said:

    I always wonder about the way people compose their images if they grew up with digital photography only.

    I was lucky enough to have to do my own film processing and printing at uni and I used to struggle to fill a roll of 35mm film. It wasn’t until I found medium and large format cameras that I found a match between my rate of photo taking and needing to get things printed for deadlines.

    I wonder if current photographers do more ‘sketching’ in camera, and discard the rest, rather than framing in their heads or on paper?

    • When I got my original lomo I did 2 or 3 rolls of 35 a week! after a year or so I switched to the Holga and then became more and more considered with what I did take – partly the disapline of only having 12 images a roll. But that crazy picture taking time was good I got it out of my system did my 10000 hours ! Now I think I wouldnot like to give up my digital as it is the best for things ‘for the record’ but for art? its got to be the holga.

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