Hay & Straw


Causewayside by Anne Redpath

I love this picture. Today is slightly springlike. And great drama due to the eclipse. Pictures later. I keep on wanting to look at things which make me feel good. It may be springlike today but  winter seems to have gone on for a long time . My internal winter has gone on for a very long time. Illness has dragged on and on, and meanwhile the everyday stuff of life must be delt with, loo roll buying, provisioning, work.To be honest the cleaning apart from the bare minimum has gone by the wayside. Days are punctuated by rests before energy can be gathered for work. And sadly more often than not social occasions are turned down as I conserve what energy I do have for the essentials.

What to do? How to live? How to have a good life? Where to expend one’s limited energy? All questions which swill around my brain. To be answered sometime into the future.

  1. Post viral fatigue is a horrible thing. But you will feel better and your energy will return x

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