Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015 II

jan2015 164

This was my bargain of the festival these cones plus 6 x 10g of Rennies cost me £17! Here we are in the bar doing Yarn Show and Tell.

jan2015 165

We also did Show and Tell Finished Objects. Lauren’s awesome colourwork hat. The last festival I realised coming without any hand made items upon my person was a terrible faux pas. This time I wore my ill crochet shawl.

jan2015 166Admiring samples on display.jan2015 171jan2015 167

Justine’s Noro granny blanket… despite Scotrail’s best efforts she made it to the Ca-barr-et. This is us waiting to go in.jan2015 169 jan2015 168

We were so tired from tramping the stalls so three Granny Greeners sat in the Lounge in the afternoon and crafted. Please note Sarah is crocheting some hand spun, i’m on a long term crochet project and Nicola is making a grrany blanket (after we successfully brought her over to the Crochet Side.) That lurid neon hank of yarn is from Montreal La Maison Tricotee. I could not resist. And no less than Stephen West admired it.

jan2015 170jan2015 172

We shared our table at the Ca-barr-et with some knitters from Manchester! They were very kind to let us join them. Then the fun began! BTW how lovely it is to be in a place where EVERYONE is crafting? I really find it odd to go places where people are just sitting about when they could be creating and making instead of passively consuming.

Knitsonik’s Felix Ford’s talk was great I was hoping to buy her book at the festival but will order it instead

jan2015 173 jan2015 174

I’m glad that she had a go at the Shreddies knitting Nana sterotype (next time bloody Innocent I hope)
jan2015 178Hazel Tindell the fastest knitter in the world  – reading Shetland Guddicks (riddles)



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