be still be still

jan2015 104

On Monday I had a few hours in London before getting a late train back. I wandered around Bloomsbury. Taking photos, reacquainting myself with haunts, visiting secondhand bookshops and The London Review of Bookshop. Finally I stopped and sat outside the British Museum with a hot chocolate (in this simply marvellous cup!) and wrote a few postcards and finally admitted to myself how tired I was and how I really just wanted to rest. Why is this so hard? Funnily enough I’ve given up coffee and have massively cut down on my caffeine intake in the last two weeks. It makes me wonder if frankly I’ve been using the coffee ( 3 moka espresso worth a day) to mask my tiredness and perhaps I just need to STOP! Not much likelihood of that in the next few weeks but I’ll do my best.

  1. wolfy said:

    I’m quite envious of that cup.

  2. yes unfortuantly Ididn’t have the energy to find somewhere to wash it out and bring it home! The V&A have rather nifty flowery cups too

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