Keep Public Spaces Public

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This will run and run. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the number of student developments in the city. I stumbled onto this yarnbomb and checked out the background to the application. Which is pretty appauling. The developer not content with 240 units in a high density area in their plans this open space is designated as a ‘student park’. Considering the struggle in the 19th century to provide open spaces for people to enjoy in the city I’m disgusted at the idea of a private park being introduced into the city. As disgusted at the Craighouse development which is proposed as a ‘gated community’. Greener Leith has a posting which suggests that the developer may be backpedaling. However on the Edinburgh Council’s Planning Portal the documents have the words ‘student park’ marked on the plans.

fyi The first yarnbomb is ‘More Social Housing Fewer Bloody Students’ and the second ‘Keep Public Spaces Public No to Private Student Parks’


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