Monthly Archives: March 2015

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A mini-adventure on Sunday. Went to Portobello to celebrate the end of a piece of work by having brunch at the Espy. Which was lovely – then a rather short wander along the front. The past the house with the plaque on it and then onto Earthy for some shopping. It was rather dampish so not out long but it was lovely.


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Yesterday I stopped off in Gayfield Square (most famous for Gayfield Square Police Station and Inspector Rebus) to enjoy the blossom. There isn’t really much out at the moment. Crocuses seem to have been and gone.jan2015 207jan2015 208

I then turned off the Square to have a keek at Gayfield House. I have I confess a weakness for ¬†little Georgian Houses. When I was growing up a family friend lived in the most darling one on Bernard’s Row and I’m afraid its now seared into my mind as the most perfect of abodes. Beautifully proportioned. This poor dear went through a bad time of it before being rescued and is somewhat beset by ugly neighbours.