the winter of our days

jan2015 052

This is my second bought of illness this winter… on the whole compared to others I’ve been lucky. Touch wood. Unfortunately as I’ve got to do my work on a phone I can’t work until my cough has abated.  I’m trying to use the time productively – taking part in Minimal February. Though the things I’ve discarded are piling up by the door. I’m avoiding going out until I really have to so my chest has time to recover. I’m also crocheting a granny shawl scarf from one ball of   sock yarn found under my bed. Tidying and decluttering does have some benefits. I call this comfort crafting perched in bed with blankets piled up and Miss F stomping in and out.

  1. boabee1 said:

    Sorry to hear you are unwell. I too have had the dreaded long-winded illness of the winter only to step into the start of another cold this week. (Thought I’d done my bit).

    • am praying I’m better by sat as supposed to be off on a trip! I seem better in the mornings but get progressively rubbish as they day goes on despite a steady diet of crafting and trashy tv!!

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