for some moments there are no photos #blogmanay

dec14 120

Taking the 35 bus on Hogmanay up to the High St a Spanish family got on at Easter Road, Mum, Dad and two kids. A tiny wee bairn of 3 hopped up on the back seat wearing a little Stuart tartan kilt. However her mum had obviously worried about her getting cold with all those pleats so had sewn along the bottom of her kilt keeping them in place! Dad had also gone to town wearing a Gordon Hunting Tartan kilt (full marks!) but also was concerned about the cold.. he was wearing what looked like thermal tights underneath! I Hope that they had a fab evening.

Later on in Princes Street Gardens we formed a small circle of #blogmanay bloggers to sing Auld Lang Syne and I stuck my camera in my pocket and just lived in the moment. It almost makes me feel teary thinking about it. And someone offered me some short bread (off gluten at the moment so a no no!).

#blogmanay is brought to you by Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and is supported byETAG,EventScotland,VisitScotland,and co-creators Haggis Adventures. Created and produced byUnique Events. As always, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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