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Off to London/Cambridge for the weekend. I’ve managed to fit in a quick lunch with London based friend before going to see family in Cambridge. Now am in the preparing before going mode but being awfly slow about it. Not looking forward to an early start tomorrow. I’m not good with getting up in the dark!


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I had two shots left of a film I mostly used in Perth (I wish i’d used more at Sam Burns the Perth pictures are heinous due to monsoonlike rain and low light levels).

My ‘ancestral’ home is just up the road from Sam Burns at Ravensheugh. So tales of the junk yard have featured prominently over the years. Kaytee Horsman the head of the Ceramics Department at Edinburgh College of Art was a great friend of my Great Aunty Mary who lived at Ravensheugh after the war. Kaytee would often go to Sam Burns when visiting and rootling around collected a fine collection of ceramics, Spode, Worcester, Minton, all the big names which she used in teaching students. The pickings not so fine now. But the furniture magnificent solid wonderfully carved victorian cupboards, sideboards, desks. Apart from the issue of fitting something else in my house and getting it back on the bus … I was very tempted.