Scottish National Modern Art Gallery #blogmanay

beallright nomiracles everythingisgoingotbeallright

The one time of year these works really come into their own is of course in winter. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT is by Martin Creed and THERE WILL BE NO MIRACLES HERE is by Nathan Colley. The Modern Art Galley has a very broad collection.The highlights for me are the recreation of Palozzi’s studio in Modern 2 (I do miss the deep blue they had on the walls there) and any Scottish Colourists knocking around but they do tend to despise them – despite having a large collection – so seeing any is hit or miss unless you go with my mother who is known so be so forceful that she’s able to open closed galleries by sheer will. Essential is a visit to the cafe in Modern One – best for lunch and Modern Two cafe is best for tea. I have an ongoing argument with one friend – I maintain that the best scones in Edinburgh are at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on York Place, and she maintains that they are to be found at the Modern Art Gallery. Either way if you arrive soon after 10 they are warm from the oven. Another weird oddity are possibly the poshest allotments in Edinburgh but Modern Two just beside the gates has some lovely allotments which have been there since World War II.

The Modern Art Galleries are a gentle 15 min walk from the west end all the gen on opening times, how to find it here.



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