technical disaster area


Seriously last week I turned on my computer and there was a little noise then a … whine and silence. Total panic rising. I was about to teach a course for three weeks with all my notes from previous courses on that computer. I got another then started to search through emails luckily not on outlook to see if I could find errant files. Then my digital camera refused to turn on. Despite being a gift and very simple I’ve got used to it and it gave me serviceable results for a few years. I’ve ambled off to the pawn shop (hey i live in Leith!) and got another. The city is plastered with stuff to do with the referendum and I’d like to take a record of it. Meanwhile two pics from wordpress which I must have uploaded but not put into a blog. Southsider Bar and Brew Lab beside the Old College. I tried it out a few months ago but was waiting as I sat, for the Hip Police to arrive tap me on the shoulder and move me on. So I just got out the crochet and determinedly went on being uncool.



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  1. Katy said:

    Ooh, sorry to hear about the technical disasters, that’s no fun!

    I love going to super-hipster places and see if I get manoevred out, it’s extra fun in the Northern Quarter in Manchester!

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