Hello would you like to come to dinner?



I’d like to invite the world to dinner!

(well, 18 of the world – as that’s the number of plates I have!)


Inspired by Jim Haynes Parisian Sunday Dinners, and my Great Aunt Mary Fraser Dott running a literary salon in Edinburgh in the 1940’s I want to bring people together over food.


I’m inviting people to come to dinner in Leith. This is an opportunity to have great food, converse in person (not on facebook!) and make new connections and find new perspectives.

Food is sourced locally from farmers market and has vegetarian and meaty options.

Please email me Mary Gordon at fatblackcatindustries@gmail.com to book a place (Free!) and get more info.

7pm Sunday 24th August 2014






Feedback from my trial run includes


The food was excellent and the company great. Nice and relaxed and a great bunch of people.


The food choice was superb for the setting and there was plenty to go around.


Lovely food and drinks,


Enjoying delicious food; meeting friendly people with engaging conversation


It was a very charming evening for all of its quirkiness (interesting yummy food; friendly guests; and, a fizz of eccentricity).




  1. that’s such a nice idea 🙂 sadly a wee bit too far away from my location to join, but I wish you all a great time!

  2. Annie said:

    If only I weren’t so far away …

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