Kettles Yard – Cambridge


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If you are ever visiting Cambridge I highly recommend that you set time aside to visit this remarkable house and gallery. It was started by Jim Eade and his wife Helen. Eade had been a curator at the Tate and after living for some time in Morocco returned to the UK in the 1950’s and bought a row of cottages in Cambridge. This he turned into a  gallery in a house – Kettle’s Yard. They had an open house with concerts and even loaned pictures to students to put on their dig’s walls. He later gifted the gallery to  the University. Its still  a remarkable place. You can sit on the chairs, enjoy the library. Once when I arrived for a visit very tired I even had a nap on a sofa!  Admission is free. Open 12-5pm Tues – Sat. Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ. Its very close to the centre barely 10 mins walk.

  1. Lovely photo’s, never heard of this place. Thanks for sharing.
    Your blog is lovely btw. Warm regards form Ohio, Johanna

  2. mango lassie said:

    I’d never heard of it either. It looks lovely and peaceful, beautiful simplicity. Good place a nap!

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