This is the middle



This is the middle.
Things have had time to get complicated,
messy, really. Nothing is simple anymore
This is the thick of things.
So much is crowded into the middle
too much to name, too much to think about.
– Billy Collins

Oh dear lord I’m in the middle of a craft project which I’m wait for it 5 MONTHS INTO nearly. Naturally I’ve not been on the case fulltime there have been diversions for making blankets for dog statues, babies, and 15 blankets worth of squares for orphans and a little light knitting for myself. But I now have a deadline and I’m that oh my god I’ll never get there stage. Which is a kind of sign I should NOT be online but return to my piles of crochet. I wish  I could show you what my kitchen looks like at the moment but alas WordPress has deemed that I have used too many images and will not load up new ones so I’m having to rely on old images from my store.

  1. katym said:

    Your kitchen will look like mine if you replaced my paint supplies with wool. Somewhere on the horizon is a glimmer of light but we’re too busy indulging in diversionary tactics like blogging! You’ll get there :0)

  2. indeed I should take a pic for posterity anyway… I will get back my picture posting rights after paying $99 to wordpress but that will have to wait until tax refund!

  3. Elaine said:

    If you need online space for pic storage let me know? $99 is ridiculous.

  4. I managed to get 10mg for $25 which was a bit more reasonable! so thanks I’m ok so far will upload the pics from sunday in a bit

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