Grayfriars Bobby in solidarity with African Aids Orphans

GreyfriarsBobby kid with blanket


On Friday I’m transporting 500 squares to the Grayfriars Bobby statue on George IV Bridge. This is the culmination of two and a half months of dedicated crocheting and knitting to make squares for Knit-a-Square a South African charity which works to warm some of the 1 900 000 orphans in South Africa and raise awareness of the issue. They ask the crafters of the world to send 8 inch squares where volunteers make them into blankets. Many of the orphans are HIV positive and as it is an auto immune disease keeping warm helps their ability to stay well

If you are in town at 11am do come to our photocall we’d love to see as many local knitters and crafters. Feel free to knit at Bobby’s paws.

  1. Jill (Twinge) Lea said:

    Too far to come, I’m afraid, from Tewkesbury in the South-West of England, but I wish you all a very good morning. It’s wonderful and, at the same time, heart-breaking to see these orphans, who have absolutely nothing, wearing squares that we’ve knitted. Please, everyone, go along and support and knit at the feet of Bobby!

  2. This is fantastic, it’s always lovely to see people giving some of there time to help people who really need it. Thank you for sharing this, and working to make the world a little brighter

  3. mango lassie said:

    Love this. What a beautiful gesture. Well done Mary!

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