Madam Defarge goes to the Development Management Sub Committee

P1060358 P1060361 P1060362 P1060367 P1060371

Madam Defarge is  very concerned that  developments in her once fair city are going to destroy its character. So after a flurry of activity online petitions! emails to councillors (only ONE has replied note has been taken). The committee meeting room was packed – people were sitting on stairs, in isles,  I managed to nab a seat and ferociously crocheted through nearly three hours of submissions.  This HIDEOUS development passed 8-6 (one reason being it ‘wasn’t hideous enough’ to reject!)

  1. Katy said:

    Ugh,,,needlework is the only thing that makes sitting through those things patiently possible.

  2. true! plus crochet hooks double as offensive weapons… I wish I’d learned earlier in my life how crafting could get you through dull things – I’m just imagining how much stuff I could have produced. As it is I crochet at work!

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