searching for Shakespeare & Co

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So our first day we first marched forth to find the yarn shop/ teashop which promised vegan food – it was closed despite saying it was open on their facebook page. So we muttered and tried to peer through the window to what we were missing. We gathered ourselves up and marched again, past the Patheon and on towards Shakespeare and Company. Many years ago I made a film about a suffragette Ethel Moorhead who after doing a tour of all the jails in Scotland for her nefarious activities left the UK and settled into Paris between the wars starting a literary magazine called This Quarter with a man called Ernest Walsh. I read a lot about this period and seeing the successor shop to Sylvia Beech’s was a must. Oh the horror we walked up and down the street unable to find it. Eventually sitting in a very touristy cafe (having our second most expensive coffee) while I begged my friend to check her ipad. She kept on saying helpfully ‘maybe its closed’ and  I was stoutly insisting that it would have been headline news if it had. We did find it as it turns out the street its on is bifurbricated by a socking parc….




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