old clothes and porridge


Back in blighty from Paris jaunt. Many more photos to download, process (yes ! took the Holga to Gay Paree). Meanwhile the largest load of washing is purring away in the kitchen. I’m gathering presents for my mother ( a small collection of French sugar lumps carefully filched from every cafe I sat in in the last 7 days). Also to arrange things online like my offering of Postal Joy ! this year. Sign up for my newsletter HERE. For a 25% discount code (+ I send every subscriber some real mail analogue snail mail).

Btw ‘old clothes and porridge’ is how my family describes that feeling of flatness when returning from a trip. Not sure how widespread a phrase it is.

1 comment
  1. Katy said:

    That’s a great phrase, I feel the need to book a holiday just so I can use it on my return!

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