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I have some yellow and red tulips on my kichen counter. I had put them on the table but Miss Frida aka the fat black cat likes to perform feline floristry on them. Nibbling them so the heads fall off and I start to put the rescued flowers in expresso cups. So they have been put out of the way. Its dry but very very grey here in Edinburgh. A wee reminder if  you sign up for my newsletter HERE. I will send you a piece of real mail in the post. Newsletter subscribers get discounts and info on upcoming events, exhibtions, and additions to the etsy shop.



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Madam Defarge is  very concerned that  developments in her once fair city are going to destroy its character. So after a flurry of activity online petitions! emails to councillors (only ONE has replied note has been taken). The committee meeting room was packed – people were sitting on stairs, in isles,  I managed to nab a seat and ferociously crocheted through nearly three hours of submissions.  This HIDEOUS development passed 8-6 (one reason being it ‘wasn’t hideous enough’ to reject!)


I went to the Scottish Modern Art Gallery on wed to see the JD Fergusson exhibition (well actually I lie – I went to use up a fee scone voucher and saw the exhbition as an adjunct to that.) I was tickled pink to discover that JD was in fact a LEITHER!! And was brought up at 7 Crown St with his dad a victualler. I also like the fact that he high tailed it to France as soon as possible and the glorious light and colour of the South of France infused his pictures.

Am hightailing myself to Cambridge today however a wee reminder do sign up for my newsletter. All sign ups get a proper piece of analogue mail and discounts in my etsy shop.