the space between


Not a very good picture! On Monday I trekked into the centre of London from Darkest Essex. My friend had a business meeting so we parted outside Charing Cross Station. I walked towards the National  Gallery crossing Trafalgar Square (I was deep in thought about the blue cockrel – a snub by the French in the place celebrating their defeat? or what?) Then a large bird swooped in front of me and perched outside the National Gallery. A substantial bird of prey. I noticed it had a leather strap hanging down from one leg and every now and again it would circle (menacingly) and that a man was stalking it from a distance. I stopped and looked. Fascinating –  the tourists continued to take selfies and squabble and text and ignore it. The bird which I think was there to scare the hell out of the pidgeons of Trafalgar Square flew down on to one of the ‘NO feeding Pidgeons’ signs in a manner which made me think it was having a good laugh up its wing, as it was undoubtedly going to turn any unfortunate pidgeon which passed it into brunch… Eventually while perched there a tourist did notice it and started marching forth towards it, camera phone held out in front of him. The bird was unimpressed by this display of digital technology and launched its self straight at the man from the sign, who had to drop to the pavement to avoid a collision or being made into breakfast.

Any way there is a point. When I first noticed the bird I could have hurried onto the National Gallery extension (my plan was to see an exhbition) but I didn’t I loitered I  enjoyed the moment. It’s these unscheduled moments in trips I enjoy the most. Less planning more experiencing.


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