how to hibernate



I’ve decided to Officially Declare Hibernation Time

This means

1. I shall reduce my hours at my work for money job

2. I shall spend a lot of time crocheting in my bear cave

3. I will emerge only for very festive occasions

4. I will have enough supplies (especially of coffee and milk) so if the weather is inclement I do not have to get my paws damp or cold

5. I have enough reading matter ( a visit to library is in order)

6. I will reconnect with people. This means supper parties when energy is high and when low starting to write to far flung friends.

7. Overall I will embrace S L O W  living.

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  1. My wee one is obsessed with hibernating, they had to build a bear cave at nursery. However he’s missed the crucial part, as they could never convince the kids to actually have a snooze.

    • How wonderful ! a bear cave ! what an enlightened nursery… not even a napette? Hopefully its good training for later.

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