Monthly Archives: November 2013



I’ve decided to Officially Declare Hibernation Time

This means

1. I shall reduce my hours at my work for money job

2. I shall spend a lot of time crocheting in my bear cave

3. I will emerge only for very festive occasions

4. I will have enough supplies (especially of coffee and milk) so if the weather is inclement I do not have to get my paws damp or cold

5. I have enough reading matter ( a visit to library is in order)

6. I will reconnect with people. This means supper parties when energy is high and when low starting to write to far flung friends.

7. Overall I will embrace S L O W  living.

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Auld Reekie is the nickname of Edinburgh. It comes from the paul of black smoke blanketing the city when coal fires were common.This week I’ve noticed how the dark is now arriving about 4.30. If you would like some postal cheer do sign up for my newsletter – see sidebar to the right.